Addo Elephant National Park

A road map of tourist routes within the park will be given to each vehicle upon entering the Park. Additional maps are for sale at the shop. Various information sheets are available at reception. Travel guide

Travel guide Did You Know?

The Wilderness section of the GRNP has a Ramsar site (wetland of global significance). It has the potential to conserve whole ecosystems from catchments to sea.

The safari park is also home to the Big Five animals, namely; Black RhinoLionLeopard, Buffalo and of course Elephant. Aside from the Big Five there are 13 species of antelope including Eland, KuduRed Hartebeest and 22 species of carnivore; including Cheetah, Hyaena and Wild Dog.

Travel guide Answers on questions
Opening and closing times for gates

Main entrance gate & Addo reception (off R335 / R342 near Addo)

07:00 – 19:00

Matyholweni gate & Matyholweni reception (off N2 near Colchester)

07:00 – 17:00 (Reception)
07:00 – 18:30 (Gate)

Vehicle restrictions
  • Buses may access most of the tourist roads within the park except for the southern access road from Matyholweni to where it joins the road network near Hapoor waterhole and the second part of the Gorah Loop. Turnaround points for buses are provided at these places.
  • The speed limit on the roads is 40 km/h but a speed of 20-30 km/h is advised for maximum game viewing enjoyment.
  • There is a height restriction for vehicles on the entrance road to Addo Main Camp of 4.42 metres.
Addo Elephant National Park
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